Personal Posting: Migraine Update

Putting aside the outer sparks for a second, I wanted to assemble a post on how i’ve been managing my brain sparks so far.
Hopefully adding some logic to the little book of migraine mysteries!
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FOTD: Much Doge, So Egg

Hmm? What is that peculiar shiny pendant over there!
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Trial And Tell: Kruivat Salon Expert Droogshampoo

You think us females have clean hair 24/7? HAH oh dry shampoo our Lord and Savior!
I was rambling to a friend about looking like a walking snowstorm when using this one though, to which she responded with: venture forth and rid the world of this danger!
So off we go! Accio!
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Spring Trends: Wet Look Smokey Eye

Time for a cool and modern spring trend – wet look eyes!
I started off with a Lisa Eldridge inspired smokey eye. It’s the full whammy: easy, edgy, and an ode to gorgeous smoked jewel tones.

glossy eyes
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8tea5: Strawberry Popping Boba

Enterrrr the noms! But first let me pull out the wictionary.
Traditional boba are tapioca “pearls” used in a drink called Bubble Tea, which is from Taiwan. The tapioca pearls are gummy little additions that people slurp up large straws in their sweetened tea.
Popping Boba
Popping boba aren’t the traditional tapioca balls of bubble tea. In fact, they aren’t chewy at all, and they have a very thin outer membrane that bursts sweet liquid as soon as you bite into them.
Okido! Well a bubble tea bar here in Antwerp has recently started selling their popsters to-go, curiosity made me do it.
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Easter At Jollychic

Jollychic gave me a heads up on their Easter promotion, which I deemed most worthy of a shout-out.
First off there’s a sale going on that gives you up to 60% off on Easter picks:

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Spring Trends: Yummy Pastel

Going to pop right back in with a spring trend i’ve been eyeballing. Tons of brands are coming out with their pastel-inspired goodies and this trend is way too scrumptious to pass up on.
Literally. Marie Antoinette-style. “It’s like candy!”
pastel eyes
pastel eyes

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