FOTD: Lambda Luv

Whipped out some new goodies from BornPrettyStore today to slather on a nuclear Half Life look!
As orange is the main “good” accent color throughout the game I went for a bright pop of that, and kept the rest clean. Accompanied by a little lambda to represent the rate of radioactive decay. And the resistance. And dog!
half life make up
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Android Giggles: Ingress!

Here to share with you my latest addiction!
Got Android? Time to check out Ingress!
The augmented reality mmo that makes you see & cap points for your team everywhere you go.
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FOTD: Feather Lashes

Saving the best for last!
Two of my friends simultaneously yelled “YAS” as soon as I linked these to them, so may I present to you the second item Born Pretty sent over:
blue feather lashes
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Haul: Vegan Nars Yachiyo Brush Dupe

Good brushes are a pleasure to find and a treasure to keep.
Born Pretty Store asked me to pick some spoils on their website.
First off, being Dutch and all, i’m not one to turn down goodies (bring it on in.) but one particular item caught my eye in a flash.
The Handmade Rattan Blush Brush.


Fully armored it arrived on my doorstep!
Yachiyo Brush Dupe
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FOTD: Practical Yolker

Warm, sunny, happy, bright, fresh and creative.
Or as Bob Ross might say, red calmed down by the happiness of yellow.
Orange fits the whole idea of summer so perfectly it just has to work on the lips. Has to!
And it does.
Proof of the matter: check how ridiculously cool and wearable it looks in this scene:
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Move It Along Please

For the first in a while I went out shopping for no reason.
Temp jobs don’t grant much security but about three weeks ago I landed myself an actual contract and so far so good!
Knowing there’s a steady income flowing in through both Hippo and me feels awesome!
Not to mention the fact that there’s no safety shoes, jewelry bans or heavy lifting involved. Can I get an Amen?
Topamax is working like a train as well, update on that soon!
So I figured i’d celebrate that positive pace by acquiring stuff, things. That I absolutely did not need.
Yummy retail.
I actually targeted the Balm Nude ‘tude palette, but apparently there’s only one drugstore in Antwerp that carries the Balm.
Oh Belgium, why must you insist on being so medieval!
I’m kidding, love you, now give me chocolate.
But it’s okay! I found me another score!
The MUA Undress Me Too palette. This baby will hold me over.
Grabbed another Essence brow kit as well, if you’re a brunette check them out! These shadows don’t have much red to them so your brows won’t look pasted on, major plus!
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Personal Posting: Migraine Update

Putting aside the outer sparks for a second, I wanted to assemble a post on how i’ve been managing my brain sparks so far.
Hopefully adding some logic to the little book of migraine mysteries!
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